About me

Hi, my name is Alex, I am a wedding photographer based in London. I catch feelings and emotions. Being a passionate photographer for about 12 years, I have an experience in weddings, portraits, fashion and beauty photography. Available for shoots in the UK.

With my artistic style and years of experience, I ensure the highest quality images that truly reflect the love and joy of your big day - your wedding celebration. Trust me to beautifully preserve your moments of the day, all the precious memories, so you can cherish them for a lifetime.

Since 2010, I've done so many different weddings and I am ready to become your wedding photographer.

But, in the line with weddings, I am also a great fan of other types of shoots: outdoor and studio portraits, family photoshoots, etc.

I speak English, Ukrainian, Russian.

Contact me

If you want to book a photographer, ask or get a makeup artist recommendation - please feel free to contact me with a call, sms, whatsapp or telegram, as well as via Instagram or Facebook.

Alex, wedding photographer, London



Great value!

“We love the photos and the session was really useful for us to get to know what we would like for our wedding. So if you will definitely be available on 1st June next year we would really like you to be ourphotographer

Jack and Laura

engagement photoshoot

Fantastic result

I just saw the photos
I cant even begin to thank you! Its everything i wanted AND MORE
i look forward to doing many many more shoots with you - so happy that i found you!


pregnancy photoshoot

Easy to go

“We enjoyed working with Alex at our special day. We had a small wedding in central London and enjoyed all the time of the shoot. Thank you Alex for the memmories!”



10 tips how for a wedding photography

  1. Define Your Style: Determine the photography style you prefer, whether it's traditional, candid, artistic, or a blend. Find a photographer whose style matches your vision.
  2. Research and Shortlist: Research photographers online, read reviews, and create a shortlist of potential candidates who resonate with your preferences.
  3. Check Portfolios: Review their portfolios to assess the quality and consistency of their work. Look for a range of shots from different weddings to gauge their versatility.
  4. Meet in Person or Virtually: Arrange a meeting or video call to discuss your ideas, expectations, and to get a sense of their personality. A good rapport is essential for a smooth collaboration.
  5. Discuss Packages: Inquire about their packages, pricing, and what's included. Make sure you understand the cost and any additional charges.
  6. Ask About Experience: Find out how experienced they are with weddings. An experienced photographer is more likely to handle various situations effectively.
  7. View Full Albums: Don't base your decision solely on highlights. Ask to see full wedding albums to understand how they capture the entire event.
  8. Ask about the editing process: Depending on photographer and your inquiries it is better ro discuss how much of editing they will do - minimal editing, lots of editing, or depending on your request? You need to ensure that the photographer will provide the result you are interested in. Every photographer has a different style of editing so why not to show the references of what you want?

  9. Check Availability: Ensure the photographer is available on your wedding date. Popular photographers can get booked quickly for the next year (or even the year after), so it's important to check early.
  10. Contract and Agreement: Once you've made your choice, review the contract thoroughly. Ensure that all the details, such as the date, time, location, and services, are accurately represented before signing.

Remember, your wedding photographs will capture cherished memories, so take your time and make a decision that aligns with your preferences and values.